Historical Vignettes:


Dogs: Two's Company Three's a Pup

The Ceremonial Pipe & artist Benjamin West

Too Cold for Wet Dogs

Congenial Alliance

The Uninvited

Young Dreams

The Pelting

Distant Neighbors

And Sometime the
Bear Gets You

The Ancients

Whiteman's Canoe

At the Gardens

Ready to Go

Partisans at the

Trail Des Agniers

Making Smoke: Building Trade and Trust

Going to Treaty

Onondaga Speech Maker

Water Song

Counsel at the Spring

These Arrows are Cherokee

Eye of the Hawk

Coming to Trade

A Better Life


Distant Echo

The Chauffeur

The Little Man

Land of the Iroquois

The Legacy

Canoe in Sight

The Trackers


Better Than One

Captured Coat

Secluded Pool

The Helping Hand

Priming the Pan

Sounds of Silence


As a Feather on Water

Kinsman of the Shawnee

No Sign of Hostiles

Speaks of Powerful Deeds

A Daughters Touch

A Son's Offering

Breaking Camp at Turtle Creek

Bear Trap

The Stolen Bay

Cute Little Thing



Fatherly Advice

Winter Windfall

God's Gift

High Place

Morning Glory

Muted by the Vista

Linsey-wool and a New Dog for Hettie

Once Upon a Time

Passing the Time of Day

Portage Standoff

Portico Stroll


Shared Magnetism

Shootn' for Supper

Sky Watching

The Susquehanna Waterway

The Fur Trader

Trifling with the Blue Parrot


You Can Do It, Girtl


The Agile Bark Canoe

Dry Moccasins

The Fording Place

River Watch

Not Left Behind

Right of Way


Freeing the Chain-Brake

Pray for our Boys Safe Return

Awaiting the Return

Horse Thief

The Spellbinder

Wilderness Inroads

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