John Buxton artwork

The Uninvited

18" x 36" oil



Painting information:


Winner of the Art Renewal Center 2014/2015 Salon competition Western Art Collector Magazine award.



This early frontier scene of a tranquil wilderness waterway, reflects an Eastern Woodland Indian's suspicion of any unannounced presence to his domain. Although they may be brothers, they could be hostile to his clan. Cautious observation is prudent. A group of unknowns has silently glided into view from an adjoining stream. He does not know the design of their canoe nor their dress. Are they Ally or Foe? He remains secluded, suspicious and out-numbered.


The five Nations & later six Nations of the Iroquois controlled much of  what is today, western New York and Pennsylvania. They granted permission to subordinate nations or clans to use or traverse these areas, but with a clear understanding of Who and When.



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