Seneca Crafted Quillwork

14" x 11" oil



Painting information:


This painting will be available at the Autry Museum's 2016 Masters of the American West show in Los Angeles, CA.


“Remembering my ancestors” is the phrase related to me by a Seneca friend of the Iroquois nation. His fingers trace a similar passion of creation as have ageless Iroquois craftsmen before him. He remembers and honors their heritage as he creates masterful quillwork inspired by their original pieces. My friend explains, “They created wonderful quillwork as a way of expressing themselves, as we still believe today, to dress our souls or spirits.”


This painting is my attempt to honor my friend’s handiwork and, through his quillwork, his heritage. The calumet, or ceremonial pipe, is a copy of the calumet featured in two of eighteenth-century artist Benjamin West’s paintings. I hope to finish a larger painting using that theme.





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