John Buxton artwork


50" x 42" oil




Painting information:


When Europeans first arrived in North America, they were amazed by the Indigenous People and their culture and how it differed from their own. Children appeared to be indulged and lavished with affection more than European children, who were often disciplined by force. This tenderness instilled in them a sense of honor and respect through example. Native appearance and dress were understandably different, but strangely, native infants at birth were as light of skin as any from Europe. As they aged, their skins took on the hues of adults.


The women of these strange new people were esteemed and honored by society, unlike European women. American tribes had a matriarchal society in which children "belonged" to their mothers and were raised by them. The words of these women held sway. It was often their voices that ended conflicts or chose a direction for the entire clan or tribe.


In this painting, the Clan Mothers welcome new additions to the village. They will be raised in the old ways and and someday may become leaders of their people.

(written with the help of Beth Kennedy -- author and Clan Mother)


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