John Buxton artwork

French Creek 1753, Half King and Christopher Gist

28" x 24" oil



Painting information:


During the winter of 1753, George Washington and his guide, Christopher Gist, were on a mission to French Fort LeBoeuf to deliver a message from Gov. Dinwiddie. Their first French contact was at Venango where Capt. Joncaire attempted to stall Washington by giving presents and liquor to the Indians allied to Washington, one of which was the half-king who tried to council with the French, asking them to discharge themselves "off this land." The half-king was also displeased with the native "Custaloga" for not returning the French wampum belt. Much time had been spent and Washington sent Christopher Gist to the Indian camp to solicit the half-king to leave for Fort LeBoeuf "which he did with great persuasion."


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