First Breath of Dawn

22" x 14" oil



Painting information:


This piece has been painted for 2018 Masters of the American West show in Los Angeles, CA  beginning February 10.




I paint 18th century scenes and it’s people, but this painting includes a mid 19th century lamp. This period lamp was always on a shelf or in a cabinet or on a mantle throughout my childhood. Although I know nothing of it’s real history … now it’s mine.

One of my collectors has expressed an interest in taking up painting and wants me to show him how. YIKES ! I am not a teacher. But, I chose a simple subject : one figure and my lamp. I have recorded each step by step progression , as I created this painting … for him to see. However , I still don’t know how to teach. But maybe I can answer his questions ?



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Painting photography by Alexander Patho Photography