Dry Moccasins

26" x 38" oil



Painting information:


Somewhere, on some river in the time of the 18th Century, a man has pulled his canoe onto a rock shore. We cannot tell much about him. His flintlock is mostly covered but it might be English. He could be an English Trader -- but he has no trade goods, or nothing much. What are those rolled bundles? Look closely at the cloth beside his leg -- are they silver brooches and items of the Silver Trade? Did you notice the pistol is close at hand and it is at full cock? He appears to have no furs and the canoe is not large enough for many anyway. The canoe is Algonquin and the paddles are of two Native Nations -- perhaps gotten through trade.


Could this man be John Frasier (Fraser), the English Trader who escaped downriver to avoid the French as they overtook his trading post at Venango on the Allegheny River in 1752? The French had come down from what is now Canada, into the Ohio Valley along the river system, to rid the region of English influence. They confiscated the trading post and the blacksmith shop at Venango and all of its trade goods, but the trading blacksmith escaped capture.



Reproductions of this painting were produced.

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