John Buxton painting

Coming to Trade

30" x 50" oil



Painting information:


This painting could be the theme image for 16th, 17th and 18th century French and native co-existence in North America. The fur trade helped finance French expansion in the new world and raise the standard of living for the native nations. They no longer needed crude bows and arrows for hunting or stone knives for skinning; the white man's musket enabled greater pelt harvests. They clothed themselves in fabric and ribbons and silver.


The French traders, many of whom lived among the Indians, changed as well. They more readily accepted native culture and custom than did their English counterparts and often it was difficult to distinguish a Frenchman from his allied native.


The Jesuit priests were not quite as successful in transforming natives into Frenchmen.



Reproductions of this painting were produced.

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