At the Gardens

28" x 26" oil



Painting information:


A discussion concerning early native foods at the recent 250th event at the Bushy Run Battlefield in Pennsylvania prompted this painting. Native Americans grew maize, or corn, and we know of the three sisters – corn, beans, and squash – but there were also other diverse edibles. Potatoes, nuts, fruits, and melons were observed by early European immigrants to this country. The artist LeMoyne’s sixteenth-century painting of Florida natives and a collection of their various foods depicts a watermelon. The journals of Peter Kalm in the eighteenth century relate numerous examples of melons being grown from Pennsylvania up into Canada. My interest was piqued, so I developed my own version of a Native American garden area of the eighteenth century, somewhere in the Ohio Valley.


Finalist in the 2013-2014 ARC Salon Figurative Contest.


Original painting is currently available. Please contact me for more details if interested.

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Painting photography by Alexander Patho Photography