A quick 4 minute video about my artwork. Enjoy!

Welcome to my web site — a look at my portfolio. I am John Buxton, historical artist. I currently accept one commissioned painting per year. Additionally, I annually produce a selection of original paintings for a variety of shows across the country. Please look in the "News/Shows" category for more information.


Reproductions of some of my paintings are available through my publisher, The Greenwich Workshop.


As you browse through my paintings, you'll notice my main interest is the 18th century. Through extensive research I recreate actual historical events or historical everyday life. It is my attempt to open a window on our heritage.


I hope you enjoy my images.

Below is a quick slide show with some of my paintings. Clicking on the main image in the slide show will take you directly to the corresponding page on the site for that particular piece. Some pages within the site will have a magnifying glass appear over the art when hovering over it with your mouse. Click to activate the magnifier then click again to return to the normal state. Some browsers don't show the magnifier for some reason, so you can just click the image and if there's a larger image available, it'll show up.

4584 Sylvan Drive

Allison Park, PA 15101

Phone/Fax 412-486-6588



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